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From a contributor:

Physical storage: Ensure that the documents are kept secure and cool, in a dry (not humid) environment and are not at risk of physical damage or damage from water or fire.

Capture the documents in batches, with rigorous batch controls: That way, you will be able to go back and audit/verify the quality of the capture process for documents in any given batch. You will need to do this for sampling control checks or if/when you belatedly discover that something went wrong in the capture process at some point. If you have no record of which documents were in which batch being scanned by which operator/process/scanner, then you will be dead in the water and will have to check 100%.

Scanning/capture process: Make sure the process (including batch controls and quality sampling) is well-defined and documented to CMM (Capability maturity Model) Level 3, at least, and that all the process participants are familiar with the process definition and perform consistently in line with that. Be open to managing the process (CMM Level 4) and optimising it (CMM Level 5).

Caveat: You won't be able to skip a level without screwing things up, and, from experience, failure in some shape or form awaits those who can't consistently adhere to CMM Level 3 at least.

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