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How to digitize slides

Using an adapter on a digital camera

The manufacturers: Opteka, Nikon, A user's experience using the Nikon ES-1

Adapter with Smartphone

Lomography Smartphone Scanner

DIY Adapters with a digital camera


You can use a slide projector, and camera on a tripod and just photograph the projection screen. It is difficult to get high quality this way, but its easy and quick.

Flatbed Scanners

Many flatbed scanners come with attachents for scanning slides and negatives, the main downside to using a flatbed scanner to digitize slides is speed. Flatbed sanners are slow. A typical flatbed scanner with a slide attachment: Canon canoscan 5600F

Dedicated slide scanners

These range from less than $100 to well over $1000. Examples:

  • Wolverine Simple scanners $100+
  • Pacific Image $100 to $1000++
  • Ion $100+
  • Plustek
  • Nikon used to make scanners, but seems to discontinued them, you can still find them on Amazon and Ebay.


There are many of these services ranging from big box stores like Costco, to high end dedicated services. Prices vary widely and start around $0.25 per slide for these services. Examples:

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