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Here are some answers to either frequently asked questions or to important aspects of this project; the ground rules.


What is the purpose of this Wiki and this project?

The purpose of this Wiki is to be a one-stop shop for converting non-digital information to digital, and then making that information available to as wide an audience as possible. In this way, the voices of the past are raised to the modern era and become a part of the social and intellectual fabric. While there are many institutions doing digitial formatting, the fact is that the process costs some amount of money and a lot of time, which causes queuing and delays as groups work slowly through massive inboxes. By spreading the digitization knowledge, hopefully this can be improved.

What should be digitized?

If there's a priority to what should be digitial, it would start with items that have a general appeal but wouldn't necessarily be easy to get otherwise - manuals, flyers, music sheets, VHS recordings of events, audio recordings of events... and make those into digital files. Commercially available items should probably be least, unless it's a known fact you are holding a now-rare version that has little chance of seeing the public anytime soon.

Why is it CC0?

Making the information here CC0 provides the most flexibility for institutions and individuals who want to benefit from the project down the line. With no restrictive license for the main site, the efforts can be re-absorbed into a mass of other projects without needless negotiations over "licenses" and "rights" and provenance.

As a result, please refrain from copy-pasting prose and paragraphs from other sources that are not public domain or CC0. (For example, Wikipedia. Sketch out a differently-written summary of the information, and then link to the original information you're interested in having included. People who find compatibility with rewriting extant material can therefore take these links and create a new work for the Digitize the Planet wiki. Duplicating lists and names of formats is OK - make use of the work of others to track down lists of obscure file types to include in this wiki.

What happens in the event of disagreement and conflict?

Please try and work together as best you can - the goal of this project is to absorb an enormous amount of information and arguing about a point of order doesn't help anyone. Unlike Wikipedia's need for a distinct voice, there is nothing stopping people from making a second paragraph set to explain an alternate overview of a format, or to add a set of other links that the entry didn't have before. It's understandable we're going to have issues about arrangement of materials, like whether a certain format is a "written" or "text" format. It's more important to get the existence of that format in, because the use of Categories and links as we best put them together will make sure the effort is not wasted.

In cases where an impasse is reached, Jason Scott will serve as editor. In the event Jason Scott appears to be unreasonable, a separate discussion can ensue on the talk page. The goal, again, is to get the information in, past prettiness, preciousness and perfection. Cleaning is a much easier process than acquiring and enumerating at this stage.

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